Gelatin Jello Shot

Jelly wine, as the name suggests, and the general jelly eaten in a similar way, of course, children and pregnant women are not allowed to eat, its internal contains vodka basic content in 13%. People generally learn about it through the American drama “The Vampire Diaries” Season 5, Episode 8, jelly wine is a new market, the market potential is huge, the majority of the people now do not understand him, mainly suitable for bars, KTV, private parties are often used. The main brands are, MiniCrush (China’s first vodka brand), Slrrrp and other brands.
Jello shots, as the name implies, are jello-like drinks. It is a solid alcoholic beverage made by mixing water, sugar, fruit juice and other raw materials with vodka or other alcohols, and then adding coagulants such as carrageenan. Jelly wine in a solid state, the alcohol concentration is generally about 10-15%, and the base wine is generally selected with vodka. You can choose different juice flavors and blend different alcohol concentrations according to different tastes. Blend your favorite flavor
The origin of Jell-O shots can be traced back to the creation of Jerry Thomas’ 1868 first edition of How to Mix Drinks or The Bon Vivant’s Companion: The Bartender’s Guide, in which Jerry Thomas first mentioned the way to make Jell-O shots. Through gradual development and evolution, Jell-O shots have gradually become a popular alcoholic dessert drink for entertaining parties in North America. Users make homemade Jell-O shots for parties by blending wine, sugar and fruit juice and then adding coagulants. Jello shots have gradually evolved and some companies have successfully researched ready-to-drink jello shots. Users do not have to mix their own jelly wine for the party each time, but instead directly buy the already packaged jelly wine products, saving time and effort. This has brought convenience to consumers and expanded the reach of Jell-O shots. The product was also featured in the eighth episode of the fifth season of the popular American TV series The Vampire Diaries.

Post time: Sep-20-2022