Enterprise dynamics

In 2022, our company opened a slimming project, in order to meet the majority of slimming enthusiasts, we launched konjac noodles products, now to invest more than 3 million yuan to introduce advanced equipment and technology, we currently launched four flavors of konjac noodles (onion oil konjac noodles, spicy and sour konjac noodles, pine mushroom chicken soup konjac noodles, chicken fir beef bone konjac noodles), by the majority of fitness enthusiasts praise

We have also added 3 new lines of fruit shaped jelly in response to market demand. Our fruit shaped jellies are thin and easy to bite through, making the game of Hit or Miss even easier. We are committed to protecting the environment by using safe, healthy and recyclable materials. Food grade plastic is a material that meets national food safety requirements and does not produce toxic substances during consumption, it is colourless, tasteless and non-toxic, so you can eat it with confidence!

The jello shot is also known as gelatina shots and this year we have designed a new cup, packaging and logo for it as our speciality. Pairs well with beach blankets, rooftops, pregames, and pretty much anywhere else the sizzle of celebration might take you. The free portability-enhancing proportions help these adult treats fit just about anywhere: hand, mouth, friend's hand, friend's mouth, purse, fanny pack, backpack… the list goes on

In May of the same year, we passed the Prop 65 test at the request of our client and our products passed the audit in one go. We have also passed the Costco inspection and entered the Costco market, where our products can be found. Our products are available in Walmart, Ross, DIDI, HEB and we are working hard to cooperate with other big brands, of course we are looking forward to your joining us.

Post time: Jul-09-2022